Now Available: the 10th Edition FOJ Map!

The 10th edition FOJ map is now available at the Jawbone Station Visitors Center, on the FOJWebstore, and at interagency visitor centers! This map has been updated to reflect more accurate route data, updated discovery points and visitor center information, and up-to-date rules and regulations for the area.

Still only $3.00, this map is used by everyone from casual riders to Kern County Search and Rescue to navigate the back country trails in our area.

Stay in the know! Buy an updated map today.

Say NO to Riding Illegally Through People's Back Yards

Our neighbors, the residents of Cantil (east of Jawbone Canyon) have asked Friends of Jawbone to remind the OHV Community to stay on the legally designated trails. There is no legal riding in or through Cantil, yet fence cutting and the illegal crossing of private property, often through people’s back yards, has become a serious problem for residents there.

Most importantly, riding is prohibited on the railroad right of way between Neuralia Road & Papas Road. This is because the railroad maintains the flood control berms along this section of track which protects the residents of Cantil from the devastating flash floods which barrel down through there every few years. Riding along or across these flood control berms causes rapid degradation. Tires on dirt bikes and quads begin rutting which allows faster erosion of the berms.  In the event of a flood, this will lead to a failure of the berms putting our neighbors in Cantil at serious risk.

If you’re trying to get to the Rands or to Randsburg, you can either go through California City on legal routes there (CC10 goes all the way to the Rands) to or head north-east through Red Rock Canyon and catch EP100 to where it joins an OHV-legal section of the railroad Right of Way.

For help with these designated routes, see the Friends of Jawbone map which is available for sale at Jawbone Station and via our website, or get the FOJ OHV Map App for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Pacific Crest Trail Season is on!

The 16th Annual Day Zero PCT Kick-Off Event was held the weekend of April 24th at Lake Morena County Park. For the roughly 300-400 thru hikers who will attempt to hike the full 2,650 mile long trail over the next five months, it marks the end of planning and preparation and the beginning of a long anticipated adventure. Over the next few months, we can anticipate the first of the PCT thu hikers to pass through the Tehachapi mountains on their way north.

The section of the PCT that passes through our back yard is one of the driest sections, with as many as 30 miles or more between reliable water sources. With this in mind, we encourage any rider who comes across a hiker to stop and make sure the hiker doesn’t need a lift to water or any aid before passing on. You could save a life or, at they very least, make a new friend.

Please remember that motorized vehicles are prohibited on the PCT. Places where OHV-legal trails cross the PCT are clearly signed. Keep an eye out for hikers and equestrians if you're riding a trail that crosses the PCT.

As Always, the Friends of Jawbone encourage users to obey all posted signs. If unsure check a Friends of Jawbone map or stay off the trail!


Thank You, Google!

We would like to thank Google for awarding a nonprofit grant to Friends of Jawbone for the free use of their new Google Maps Engine, a donation worth $15,000. This remarkable online GIS mapping product will help us to manage our work on ground and to proof upcoming trail maps with local agencies. Google Maps Engine is available to members of the public for free in a Lite Version if you are interested in creating your own online maps.

Congratulations Kern County Sheriff's OHV Division!

Friends of Jawbone wants to wish a hearty congratulations to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office’s OHV division in their recent acquisition of a 4-seat Polaris Razor. The new Razor was purchased with California State Parks and Recreation grant money. The sheriff’s office will also be purchasing four 2013 Yamaha ATVs, which will replace some of the older ATVs in their fleet, allowing them to continue the hard work of keeping riders safe and on legal trails.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office has a response area of 8,000 square miles. Within this area are many large off-highway vehicle areas open to OHV recreation. Deputies assigned to the Off-highway Vehicle Team are responsible for patrolling in both mountain and desert terrain, often on challenging, sandy, rutted or rocky roads which normal patrol vehicles cannot gain access to.

Carrying on The Work

We here at the Friends of Jawbone love to hear that our friends carried on volunteering and getting involved even after they left the state. Recently Ed Waldheim received a very nice eMail from Lemont Southworth. Lemont was one of the founders of the informal Desert Rat groups here in southern California. A few years ago he moved to Utah and wanted to let us know that he’s carried on his involvement in trail advocacy and conservation.

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DGSRV To Receive President's Volunteer Service Award!

Friends of Jawbone wants to wish a hearty congratulations to Desert Group Search and Rescue Volunteers, Inc. for having received the President’s Volunteer Service Award. DGSRV is an amazing group of people dedicated to educating and aiding the public. During the most recent FOJ meeting it was announced that the group of 31 volunteers had logged a total 10,000 hours of volunteer work over the past year. The top five volunteers in the group have personally reached the Gold level of service (meaning the adults have volunteered 500 hours or more in the past 12 months, or 250 Hours for young adults) and they will be honored individually at the awards ceremony.

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BLM Names new Ridgecrest Field Office Manager

The BLM has announced that Carl Symons, previously BLM’s Medford Supervisory Realty Specialist in Oregon, will be the new field manager for the Ridgecrest Field Office.

Symons served as acting Ridgecrest Field Office Manager in late 2011 and early 2012, so he’s familiar with the area.

When asked about his new position Symons said, “I am very proud and honored to be joining the California Desert District as the Ridgecrest Field Manager.

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ROHVA Opens New DriverCourse in So. Cal!

The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) has unveiled a new driver training site in Irvine for Southern California SideXSide enthusiasts. The new Basic DriverCourses are a chance for both individuals and groups to improve their SideXSide driving skills in a controlled environment and under the supervision of a certified DriverCoach. Drivers are taught how to navigate tough situations, when and how to effectively use a spotter, and how to maintain better control of their vehicle in a variety of situations.

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