El Pasos Signing Effort

The Friends of Jawbone has gotten pretty good at route signing over recent years. In fact, we've invented new technologies such as special auger trucks that can install signs in seconds. Therefore, it should come to no surprise that FOJ assisting the local Bureau of Land Management (BLM) field office on their major court-ordered signing effort in the West Mojave desert.

All of the BLM's routes in and around Jawbone Canyon were designated through the West Mojave Plan (WEMO) plan and these are the routes that are required to be signed. The Jawbone Canyon/Dove Spring area and the Rand Mountains have been fully signed for some time. Other areas that are less often visited are currently the focus of the BLM signing effort.

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California City Police Department

The California City Police Department has made numerous contributions to the Friends of Jawbone's ability to carry out its mission.

The CCPD is staffed by 13 sworn Officers and 6 non-sworn personnel. They have a tough job as a relatively small law enforcement body in the third largest (land size) city in the state of California. The Department partners with the Friends of Jawbone to help OHV enthusiasts gain respect and privileges in the community of California City.

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OHV Grants Announced

On Monday, the California Department of Parks and Recreation, Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (OHMVR Division) announced its Intent to Award for the 2010/11 Grants and Cooperative Agreements grants cycle.  The Friends of Jawbone is pleased to have been awarded three grants. 

The first is a grant for Operations and Maintenance that will help us continue to maintain and sign the area trails in the Jawbone region.  The second is a Restoration grant that will assist in our ongoing commitment to mitigate the effects of illegal OHV use in the area.

Our third grant, for Education and Safety, will be used to create iPhone and Android apps of our highly popular Friends of Jawbone OHV Trail Map.  This will allow smart phone users to view their location the map and access discovery points and other information while on the trail - without the need for a cell signal!

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Special Thanks to Paul Kober

The Friends of Jawbone would like to warmly recognize the influence of Paul Kober, a pioneer in the progress this organization has made in the last several years.  Paul will soon be leaving arid Southern California for warm and friendly Louisiana. 

Paul is an avid outdoor enthusiast with a love of hiking and riding.  He serves as Vice President of CTUC, Friends of El Mirage and Friends of Jawbone.  He is very passionate about conservation, specifically with regard to the Pacific Crest Hiking Trail.  He did a great deal of work to restore and preserve this area.

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Wood Pallets Prohibited In Jawbone

The Bureau of Land Management strictly prohibits the use of any firewood materials containing nails, screws or other metal hardware in the Jawbone Canyon area.  The use of wood pallets as firewood has become increasingly bothersome.  These pallets have been found lying around areas of Jawbone and it is potentially dangerous to riders.

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Inyo National Forest (North) Map Now Available at Jawbone Station

The California Trail User's Coalition is happy to announce the arrival of the Inyo National Forest (North) OHV Trail Map!  The map is now available at the Jawbone Station Store.

The full color map is complete with trail designations as well as exciting information about discovery points and fun facts.  With 30 points of interest described in detail on the back, 6 route loops and much more, this map will give you all the information you need to make your outdoor experience the ultimate adventure!

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New Open Area Trails!

The Friends of Jawbone has marked two new trails within the Jawbone OHV Open Area — SC184 and SC186.

SC186 runs along the rim of Dove Springs and it is beautiful view with a fairly easy ride. SC184, also easy, runs from SC103 to SC180 as a short cut to SC175. Both trails are now signed and graded.

It is an exciting time for Jawbone when new trails are opened, creating more opportunities for exploration. Have fun and please remember to visit the Jawbone Station with any questions or concerns during your visit!

Welcome, Mr. Ed and Ms. Emily!

Two new desert tortoises have been adopted by the Friends of Jawbone.  Unfortunately, the reason behind this adoption was that they had once been removed from their homes in the desert and had to be nursed back to health. 

Desert tortoise populations in the wild are dwindling and are threatened by a respiratory disease believed to be spread by captive tortoises release back into the wild.  Therefore, as a precaution, Mr. Ed and Ms. Emily could not be returned to their natural habitat.

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New Work Center Construction Photos

The Jawbone Station expansion is still underway and we are happy to report the construction on the 6,000 square foot work center is nearing completion.

Once the shop is complete, we will begin the expansion of the existing Jawbone Station.  An option being considered is to temporarily occupy the finished garage with the contents of the Station.  The Visitor's Center could be operated from there during the expansion construction.

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