On State Land

Camping in Red Rock Canyon State Park Camping is permitted only in developed sites in the Ricardo Campground. Camping is on a first come, first serve basis. There is no reservation system. Campfires Within Red Rock Canyon State Park, fires are allowed only in the Ricardo Campground in the provided metal fire rings. Do not […]

On USFS Land

Camping on USFS Land The USFS offers developed, undeveloped, group, and remote camping opportunities. For specific information on camping in USFS areas, contact the nearest office, or visit the National Forest Service website at: fs.usda.gov or visit: fs.usda.gov/sequoia, the Sequoia National Forest website. You can make campground reservations using the National Recreation Reservation System at (877) […]

On BLM Land

Camping on BLM Land On undeveloped BLM lands where camping is authorized, you may camp on one site for up to 14 days within any 28 day period. After 14 days, you must move a distance of 25 miles from your previous location. In BLM campgrounds, you may camp in any one campground up to […]