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All thirteen creatures described in Creepy Critters may send a shiver up your young readers' spines or stop them in their tracks (giggling with glee, of course).

First-ever book devoted to Southwest desert lizards, the most frequently seen group of arid land animals. Includes every group.

In clear and concise language and drawings, these booklets describe the common species the reader is likely to come across in Southwestern terrain.

A forked tongue... no voice... eyes that never close... dry scaly skin and long limbless bodies that appear to ooze across the ground often under the cover of the night.

Rattlesnake, coralsnake, scorpion, and spider!

Lizards of the Southwest makes identification a snap: find your lizard, match it up with one of the photographs in the guide and you have it!

Reptiles and Amphibians Includes full-color illustrations, up-to-date range maps, and a host of fascinating facts about these interesting and unusual animals.

Edited and arranged by two California reptile experts, Lawrence Jones and Robert Lovich, this 567-page paperback is sure to please a growing audience of professional and amateur herpetologists.

Offers a concise system for identification, illustrated with precise line drawings, for both beginning and advanced levels.