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This book is your essential guide to the blossoming deserts of the Southwest.

This perennial best-seller describes and depicts 70 common cacti species of the Southwest deserts. Photos by leading Southwest photographers.

The deserts of the American Southwest boast a remarkable diversity of drought-tolerant plant life, including many species found nowhere else on earth.

With the help of drawings and understandable text, you will become acquired with some of the more outstanding cacti found in the south-western deserts of the United States.


Detailed descriptions of 154 commonly cultivated or naturally growing plants found in the wild or landscaping. A good book to have in the home or on hikes.

A glance at the gorgeous, vibrant flowers that spring out of spiny cacti.

Can you tell the difference between a pineapple cactus, living rock cactus, and a sea urchin cactus? What about a diamond, cane, or staghorn cholla? You'll discover these answers and so much more about cacti, trees, and shrubs of the Southwest desert.