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In this quirky tale of friendship and love, you will meet one incredibly charming (and somewhat befuddled) cowgirl and her very best friend, her horse.

The javelinas are back and full of holiday cheer! Inside their cozy home, they bake gingerbread cookies, string lights, and set their boots out for Santa to fill with presents.

When the stars on his bedspread turn into dripping starfish, and another turns into jumping frogs, Phillip can't sleep. He needs to find a bedspread that will stop this "wild and woolly" night by not bringing on more animals that won't let him sleep

A true story about ten year old Andy who stumbles through adventure after adventure on his way to find the miners at Randsburg's Butte Mine.

Todlers can trace ovals, rectangles, traiangles, squares, and circles, all found in Baby Snake's world!

What do desert babies do when it's time for bed?

This wonderfully illustrated, well written book is sure to become a favorite with children and adults.

Describes the life cycle of the giant saguaro cactus, with an emphasis on its role as a home for other desert dwellers.

Josh and Amy need to organize their rock collection? but how? As they figure it out, readers will learn the math skill of classifying? putting objects into groups by attributes like color, shape, or size.