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Winslow. Desert barnstorming couple, Slim and Sylvia Winslow, take readers on a their many journeys to remote spots within the desert Mojave, Sierra Nevada and adjoining wilderness areas; a one-of-a-kind historical record with original photos.

An inclusive picture of the American Cowboy and how he arrived and departed the western landscape. While cowboys are still in existence, the trail drivers of the old west are a long-gone breed.

In October 2005, two mountaineers climbing above Mendel Glacier in the High Sierra find the mummified remains of a man in a WW II uniform, entombed in the ice.

More than 200 oral history interviews were conducted with people having firsthand knowledge of Goffs and related areas in the East Mojave Desert. The book is illustrated with 100 photographs, most of which have not been published before.

Author Alton Pryor gives the reader enough information that they, themselves, can ultimately decide whether Joaquin was a true Mexican bandido, or simply the myth of an imaginative gold rush newspaper reporter.

Handy guide to the long-lost mines, rich veins of ore, silver lodes, buried treasure, and other bonanzas.