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Welcome to the strange, high drama, heart break and quick fortune world of the California ghost towns. Be prepared for a great read and even greater adventure!

Detailed map series showing changes to ghost towns and other sites of historic interest over the last 100 years. Each map packet includes current overlay maps of the state or region along with additional antique turn-of-the-twentieth- century maps of the same areas for easy comparison.

A collection of stories written over a period of 25 years about Cerro Gordo, Inyo County, CA- A mining town whose prolific output helped shape the course of early day Los Angeles.

Searching for America?s past is the subject of this book, along with learning how you can even profit financially from such a search. Ghost Town Treasures defines what ghost towns are and how to locate them through systematic research. What do you look fo

Ghost Towns of California is a guidebook to the state's best boomtowns. Once thriving, these abandoned mining camps and pioneer villages still ring with history.