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Many people assume that amateur stargazers must invest hundreds or even thousands of pounds in equipment before they can enjoy the wonders of the night sky.

A straightforward, thorough look at all aspects of meteors and meteorites, including how and where meteors originate, when and where to watch for them, and how to classify, collect, and preserve meteorites.

Geoffrey Notkin, co-host of the award-winning Science Channel show Meteorite Men, has written a comprehensive and easy-to- use guide to recovering, identifying and excavating meteorites; this is a must-have book for the meteorite collector and hunter.

This fact-filled treasure trove of meteorite science covers meteorite hunting, impact craters, meteorite classifications, tektites, a color photo-journal of exceptional speci- mens, as well as a chronological look at famous meteorites throughout history

Find any of 62 constellations using a dynamic approach that focuses on one sky view at a time; includes mythology, fascinating facts and a compact, red LED flashlight that allows reading while retaining your night vision.

Learn about the night sky while playing your favorite card games. Each card features its own constellation and suits represent the best seasonal viewing; 52 playing cards with instructional over- view.


This concise, illustrated guide applies simple science, history, and myth to observing and understanding the sky at night, offering entertaining answers to the mysteries of the nighttime sky for hikers, campers, paddlers, or any other outdoor enthusiast.