FOJ Celebrates 25th Moose Anderson Day Event

On April 29th, 2023, the Friends of Jawbone welcomed the public to their coveted 25th installment of their annual event, Moose Anderson Day. The event has long since become a tribute for its namesake, Mark “Moose” Anderson, as well as a day where volunteers work in tandem with the Friends of Jawbone staff in beautifying and caring for our beloved desert landscape.

The event was doubly special to the Friends of Jawbone, as the 25th running of Moose Anderson Day also happened to coincide with Friends of Jawbone’s 25th year of incorporation as a 501(c)(3) organization. FOJ celebrated the event with a timeline pamphlet recapping the last 25 years of the organization’s history.

This year, in addition to the usual trash cleanup that volunteers gather to participate in, the Friends of Jawbone organized the installation of Peeler Posts around camping spots alongside MK55.

Afterwards, the volunteers enjoyed a lunch provided by West Best Pizza, and sodas from Indian Wells Brewery. A raffle was held during the lunch, with many guests taking home prizes, and one lucky family taking home a 55 inch 4K television!

Lots of trash was picked up during the event, and the Peeler Post installation was completed just in time for all of the volunteers to make it to the lunch and raffle, making the 25th running of Moose Anderson Day a smashing success!

The Friends of Jawbone wishes to thank all of the volunteers who participated in the event, as well as thank all of the gracious sponsors who helped put on such an amazing 25th anniversary event with their donations.

Friends of Jawbone's timeline pamphlet from the event.
FOJ's Resident Greeter, Mr. Bob comes out to greet the public.
Mr. Bob says "Hello!" to the volunteers.
Volunteers work on installing Peeler Posts at MK55's campsites.
A young volunteer lends a hand.
Volunteers drill and drive bolts into the Peeler Posts.
One stretch of the final posts on MK55.
A packed Visitor Center hall for lunch and the raffle.
Friends of Jawbone's raffle prizes, including OHV accessories, bags, apparel, toys, and a 4K Television for the grand prize.

Dedicated to Ed Waldheim

Founder of the Friends of Jawbone (FOJ)

Friends of Jawbone is a non-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3). If you or your business would like to support Friends of Jawbone, please click here.

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Southern California Overland Trail Association


Please join us in thanking the sponsors of our 25th Moose Anderson Day:

Bureau of Land Management
Karl’s Hardware
CSI Electrical Contractors

Andrew & Cherie Holloway
RSI Petroleum
Bank of the Sierra
Green Tea Garden
Dave & Shelly Hammersmith
Crystal Geyser
Kern County Search and Rescue

Peak Productions
West Best Pizza
Mojave Off Road Adventures
Jawbone Canyon Store
Fun Time ATV Rentals

Jawbone Channel
Doug & Katie Varner
Crystal Geyser
Doug and Katie Varner

Indian Wells Brewery
Waste Management

Jawbone Crazy
Friends of Oceano Dunes
Biker Kings
Alta One
Point Mugu 4×4 Club
Mojave Gold
Happy Trails Data Management
IMC Real Estate