Vehicle Travel


  1. Open Areas – Motorized cross-country travel is only allowed within designated Open Area boundaries. Within the Jawbone Canyon Area, this applies only to the Dove Springs, Jawbone Canyon, and Spangler Hills Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Areas.
  2. BLM Limited Use Areas – Also known as a Designated Route System, all vehicle travel is allowed only on existing and designated routes. No cross-county travel is allowed.
  3. Wilderness Areas – Motorized Vehicles are not allowed in designated Wilderness Areas. Please be mindful of boundaries designating Wilderness when engaging in Off-Highway Vehicle recreation.


  • Stay on legal routes. Stay on trails signed with brown or black signs.
  • It is illegal for non-licensed vehicles to cross highways or any paved road exceeding two lanes in width unless designated with a sign or where divided by a median.
  • Paved roads and publicly maintained dirt roads are only open to vehicles registered for highway use. You may drive a Green or Red sticker vehicle across these roads, but cannot ride on, or alongside them.
  • Wilderness areas are closed to all motor vehicles.
  • Adequate spark arrestors and mufflers are required. Rangers and Forest Officers can test for compliance.
  • State law requires ATV and OHV riders to wear a helmet. For your safety, please also wear boots, gloves, and eye protection.
  • Passengers are not allowed on ATVs, except as designed by the manufacturer, and are not allowed on a portion of an off-road vehicle or trailer that is not intended for the transportation of passengers.
  • Due to diverse topography, plants, soils, and land ownership in California, OHV regulations vary from area to area.
  • Check With Your Local Offices For Conditions And Restrictions Before You Ride!

For more information on OHV laws, including requirements regarding age, helmets, seat belts, and other safety requirements, visit the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division’s website at:

Off-Highway Vehicle Licensing

All vehicles must have one of the following: valid street-legal registration, current OHV sticker (either a Green Sticker or a seasonal Red Sticker), or a California Nonresident Sticker.

When riding in areas included on this map, a Green Sticker or a Red Sticker is required if your vehicle is not licensed for street legal use. Stickers are available at your local DMV office. For more information, visit: or call the California State Parks office at (916) 324-4442.

California requires Non-Resident Permits for OHVs visiting from states that do not honor California OHV Identifications. (Green or Red Sticker.)

Recreation Fees and Passes

U.S. Forest Service (USFS)
A Southern Sierra Pass is required for high impact areas. Contact Sequoia National Forest for more information:

CA State Parks
Except for camping in the Ricardo Campground, and parking in the day-use only area, there are no required fees for Red Rock Canyon State Park.

California City Off-Highway Vehicle Permit and Service Pass
California City has been one of the fastest growing areas for families to enjoy off-highway vehicle recreation. Riders throughout the state come to “Cal City” for its easy access for RVs and toy haulers. There are hundreds of miles of dirt routes open for riding. These routes are ideal for riders of all experience levels, and lead to other advanced trails into the Rand Mountains trail system. The city has marked Blue trails into California City for visitors to enjoy local establishments. Riders must stay on the marked trail system when entering the main part of California City. Please read the back of your receipt for important laws and local ordinances pertaining to OHV use in California City.

All off-highway vehicles must display both a Green Sticker and display a “California City – Street Operating Permit” while being operated in California City. This permit allows OHVs to operate on DIRT ROUTES that are within the designated riding area. Any dual-sport or street licensed vehicle DOES NOT need an operating permit.

The fee schedule is set by the city council and reviewed periodically. The permits are issued in one-year increments and valid from July through June of the following year. For more information on the types of day use, RV, and seasonal passes visit:

Keep Our Desert Beautiful

Please respect the natural and historic landmarks found here. Leave No Trace; do not litter, loot, or vandalize, and report any such activities to law enforcement. Please respect all fences and no trespassing signs. Enjoy our desert lands responsibly and respectfully.

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