Hiking Opportunities

Exploring the desert on foot is a popular pastime in Jawbone. Here are a few of popular hiking trails and areas within the region.

Short Canyon

Short Canyon Short Canyon is notable for its wildflowers and a waterfall. Though the trail is just one mile in length, over 290 species of plants have been identified along

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Rademacher Hills Trail

Rademacher Hills Trail Located just south of Ridgecrest, above Cerro Coso College, you will find that this trail is well-maintained by volunteers and the BLM. The trail is open to

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Chuckwalla Peak

Chuckwalla Peak Located north of Pine Tree Canyon, 5.5 miles south of Jawbone Station, this peak is popular with the Sierra Club and other hiking groups. The summit can be

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Butterbredt Peak

Butterbredt Peak Located a short distance west of Butterbredt Spring, the summit can be reached via a hiking trail accessible from Jawbone Road at Hoffman Road. The peak is at

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Walker Pass

Walker Pass In 1830, Joseph Walker became the first Caucasian to travel through the pass. The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) crosses the highway here, and just west of the

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Keep Our Desert Beautiful

Please respect the natural and historic landmarks found here. Leave No Trace; do not litter, loot, or vandalize, and report any such activities to law enforcement. Please respect all fences and no trespassing signs. Enjoy our desert lands responsibly and respectfully.

Dedicated to Ed Waldheim

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