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"California Banditos" presents extraordinary, little-known tales of the infamous bandits and highwaymen who plied their trade in early California.

Author Alton Pryor gives the reader enough information that they, themselves, can ultimately decide whether Joaquin was a true Mexican bandido, or simply the myth of an imaginative gold rush newspaper reporter.

Handy guide to the long-lost mines, rich veins of ore, silver lodes, buried treasure, and other bonanzas.

Fascinating history of the world famous Fred Harvey chain of restaurants and hotels that transformed railroad travel in the American West.

This engaging, large format photographic essay combines rare photos, lively history and commentary, framing the lives of the men...the cowboys/farmers, frontiersman/ Native Americans and the outlaw/ their own words; taken from diaries, letters and memoirs.

Read about the Seven Little Indians, who hard-bitten mountain men could not bring themselves to put to death following an Indian battle.

For a thousand generations, desert shamans of the far West sought order in the stars and in the mysteries and wonder of their grand, if unforgiving landscape.

French revolutionary pirates attempted to loot California in 1818.

Roadside History of California takes you over mountains, across deserts, and along shorelines to the places where history happened.